Tokai dating

The older ones are just ok, on par with many MIJ Greco’s, Yamahas and Ibanez’s from the same period.

As you can see from the pictures there is no Les Paul or Super Grade script on the headstock of the Tokai/Burny FLG-60.

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My Burny knowledge comes from old catalogues, from my own guitars (today I have 10 Burnys and I have owned ca.

25 different Burnys), from discussions with two Japanese dealers and from watching the forums etc. I must point out, that all observations are my own, and I can’t guarantee anything.

(source : Gibson Sunburst Les Pauls From ´58 to ´60 by Yasuhiko Iwanade, Rittot music 1996) The third guitar from the 80-81 period is the FLG 90.

It has solid one piece back but a flamed veneer top and Fernandes L8001 vintage pickups.

In the 1980 Fernandes catalogue there was only 3 Les Pauls, the FLG 240 , the FLG 150 and the FLG 90 , no Customs no Juniors .