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Will he find the support he needs, or is this not the paradise he hopes it is?Find out on an all new episode of ' True Life: I'm Joining a Commune,' Wednesday at 11/10c on MTVTook is trying to start an urban, communal living space, but first she faces a few obstacles such as uncaring roommates (we've all been there), power outages, and bed bugs, oh my!Season 15, Episode 17 - "I'm Working For My Parents"Allie, Nikki and Lee are three young people trying to cope with parents who are all up in their business....literally.

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Tune into ' True Life: I'm Joining A Commune,' Wednesday at 11/10c on MTV!

This weekly reality-docu looks at the lives and concerns of MTV's viewers.

This is your chance to show you in your True Life to millions of viewers around the globe.

MTV has been on the forefront of groundbreaking reality programming for over two decades and leading the pack of their quality documentary slate is the venerable True Life.

Follow Rachel as she builds up the courage to take off her wig, and Kristine as she undergoes hair removal treatments that she can't afford.

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