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You can go back later and create individual lists, add due dates, notes, and much more.Since Wunderlist lets you create lists however you'd like, you can set them up for each class, or for individual projects.An “Update All Apps” button appears in the bottom right corner here, and clicking on an app icon from here will open details on what’s changed in the update, along with a button to update that individual app.

Evernote gives you a decent amount of cloud storage to start but if you find yourself going over or want some of the premium features Evernote offers, you can subscribe for more space and lots more features.

If you need a way to efficiently take notes and find them at a moment's notice, there's no better option available than Evernote.

Logically, you might think that you could click the ribbon to update these apps individually -- but no.

Instead, you have to be in that previously mentioned Update tab (which is devoid of red ribbons, oddly), and from there you can click each app to update them individually.

PCalc is one of the only calculators you'll ever need on your i Phone or i Pad, student or not.