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Consider trying these migration procedures in a test environment before deploying them in a production environment.

Unextend the Web application from the zone by using the Remove Share Point from IIS Web site link on the Central Administration Application Management page, as described in the following procedure: Unextend a Web application To complete the process of updating a Web application URL or IIS bindings, you need to perform the additional steps listed in this section, after you have re-extended the web application into the same zone.

If there were any alerts for the Web application in the zone, using the original URL, the alerts will have to be updated to use the new URL.

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If the View-Model value is updated from code, then the value of the bound DOM element or widget is updated visually. The widgets that are supported are all that have the notion of a value—Kendo UI Auto Complete, Color Picker, Combo Box, Drop Down List, Date Picker, Date Time Picker, Editor, Masked Text Box, Multi Select, Numeric Text Box, Slider, Time Picker, and Upload.

After you have extended a Web application into a zone with a set of IIS bindings and alternate access mapping URLs, you might decide that you want to use a different URL to reach the Web application.

To update the URL or IIS bindings of a Web application, you must unextend and re-extend the Web application, and reconfigure alternate access mapping URLs or IIS Web site bindings.

To assign an IP address to an IIS Web site that has been extended with Windows Share Point Services 3.0, you can directly modify the IIS bindings of an IIS Web site. We do not recommend reusing the same IIS Web site for your HTTP and SSL hosting.

If you need to use these solutions, you must redeploy them.