Updating cancels in eq2

With the aid of heroes from throughout Norrath, they kept the Deathfist contained within the wastes.

Now, with this new orc threat, the Green Hoods look again for help from beyond the wastes, and know that this time – if gone unanswered – not only will their time on Norrath be at an end, but so too could the rest of the world with the release of the Scourge horde.

updating cancels in eq2-67

I loved exploring new keep zone and figuring out puzzles and combos to spawn names.

However that seems to be an irritable part for some players, so I’ll share my solutions and walkthroughs.

Game Update 100 “The Scourged Wastes” has been under invite-only beta for the last three weeks and tonight it will hit the Test server to allow for a bit of public testing prior to its April 28th launch.

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