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Note: When subscribing to filtered mail folders such as Spam or Junk, all the mail coming into those folders on the server also will be downloaded and synced to your selected local mail client as well.

If you are using a metered Internet connection or have limited bandwidth, please be aware that the transfer of email does count toward your data usage.

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In the IMAP Folders window, click on the Query button in the top right of the window to get the current list of folders in your email account from your server.

Once the list has downloaded from the server , you will see each of your account’s folders on the server listed in the All tab, which should be selected by default, you will see a list of all the email folders in your account on the server.

If you typically receive a large volume of such filtered mail, subscribing to spam and junk folders is not recommended.

Please feel free to contact Heroic Support® if you need assistance filtering unwanted incoming mail.

Below is the configuration information for Outlook 2010 which is generally the same for later versions.