Updating database with datagrid in 1 on 1 sex webcam

I have a problem with the datagrid where I wanted to detect any changes to the grid, such as a record being changed, added or deleted. Update(obj Shopping List Data Set, "Shopping List") update Shopping Label() End If ALso, is there any way to force a re-sort of the grid when I add or delete records so that it is now sorted in the proper order ?

For ex: I am having "Datagridview", "Edit" and "Save" button on Win Form and table "Emp Details" at backend in databse.

I am filling "Datagridview" with table "Emp Details".

That can be solved by making the primary Key column uneditable. Tables[0]; //now u can save changes to back end with da.

Use this code to populate datagridview Sql Data Adapter da=new Sql Data Adapter("select * from product",strcon); Sql Command Builder cb=new Sql Command Builder(da); Data Set ds = new Data Set(); da.

One very common use of the Data Grid View control is binding to a table in a database.