Updating foxfire

Updating foxfire

The best one, in my opinion, is the ability to configure everything in the software, on the computer, and then just shoot it to the radio (with a that will not tune to many of the splinter frequencies in the VHF range (except the 108-137 air band) like 151.0125; (it accepts it as 151.01).

The Air service search is relatively slow because of the 8.33 k Hz steps. You may be able to find others on the web but RS is convenient so you can buy it and take it back in the same day if you don't like it. These radios also have software that will enhance and/or enable other features not possible with just the keypad and have been noted when known.

Since the trunking system might send a call and its response on different frequencies, it is difficult to listen to trunked communications using a conventional scanner.

These scanners let you monitor the control channel frequency so you can hear calls and responses for users and more easily "follow" conversations than with a conventional scanner.

Scan/Search Delay - 2 second (adjustable delay with optional software and cable) scan and search delay before moving to another channel, frequency, or trunking system so you can hear more replies that are made on the same transmission.1 Priority Channel - lets you program an additional frequency, one of the conventional channels, or a weather channel and then have the scanner check that channel every 2 seconds while it scans the bank, so you don't miss transmissions on that frequency or channel..