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Some have resorted to working as loggers for minimal pay, while others have spoken out against it, often receiving death threats from the rosewood mafia in return. madagascariensis (which lacks the distinctive red coloration).Rosewood (of the family Leguminosae) generally has a deep, lustrous red coloration, whereas ebony (of the family Ebenaceae) has a dark, heavy fine wood grain. These rare, endemic species are mainly found in the SAVA Region and the Makira-Masoala Landscape of Madagascar.

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However, exceptions have been made following cyclones that frequently ravage the island's east coast.

The export of trees felled by cyclones is permitted, opening a loophole since the government never inventories downed trees.

The most significant activity has been occurring in the SAVA Region, and particularly in Masoala National Park and the eastern and northeastern portions of Marojejy National Parkā€”both part of the Rainforests of the Atsinanana, a World Heritage Site.

yet the logging and export is orchestrated by only a few dozen powerful "Timber Barons," a group of exporters who are some of the wealthiest Malagasy citizens and therefore strongly influence regional and national politics.

However, public scrutiny has put significant pressure on shipping companies involved in the trade, and the United States is starting to enforce the Lacey Act by investigating companies with suspected involvement in the illegal trade of Malagasy precious woods.