Fucking fun dating - Updating linkstation firmware

updating linkstation firmware-54

Note that this previous statement is pretty much a lie.

I have tons of storage, and was really just looking for an new toy to play around with.

The Function LED glows permanent red and now it was seriously bricked, since it had no operating system and it would not boot via TFTP. Edit Start LS-Updater, it should find the device in EM-Mode.

Recently I picked up a Buffalo Linkstation 220 to play around with at home as I felt that I could use a bit of additional storage to play around with.

- Fixed a bug where a shared folder, user, or group could not be created if its name contains specific symbols. Connect the Link Station to the computer that will run the updater, and make sure both devices are on the same network subnet. - Update may fail if the computer downloading the firmware has multiple network interfaces enabled.

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