Updating maps on mapsource

Have you guys that don't have a problem tried installing and updating with Express on a PC where other Garmin products have never been installed?

Don't know if this has anything to do with this issue - but sometimes Base Camp do not realise that the 2597 have been connected. BR Ole Unless you download the map to your PC then it won't be available in Basecamp.

Ron You CANNOT install/copy maps from from your device (nuvi) to Base Camp. to a PC, as part of the map update process just as SUSSAMB said.

Forgot I had downloaded Openstreetmap a while ago when using Mapsource and this is where BC is seeing the later maps!

The usb stick is indexing ok but maps still aren't being seen on it, not sure where it's going wrong. Sussamp - I've just deleted BC (Beta version and downloaded 4.2.1, formatted the usb and started again - and success this time!

I have downloaded birdseye maps to my PC, but it wont allow me to now transfer it to the 62c saying it does not have an active birdseye subscription.

I wasnt aware after I had paid for the initial subscription that I would have to pay again to transfer the information from my PC to the gps. There is no way available to re-register that I can see, and do I have to do this to use the information I have already downloaded.

I've just bought a Nuvi 2597LM with City Navigator Europe NTU 2013.41 installed.