Updating old kitchen appliances

Krown imports the fittings for cupboards and tall lockers, concealing all behind rose-patterned Formica.

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Up-to-date kitchens also bring better prices when houses are put on the market.

It is axiomatic in the real estate business that a modern kitchen is the one feature above all others that enhances the resale value of a property.

"I think we should make use of good ideas wherever they originate, especially if we can improve upon them.

I have been bringing back the best of European ideas and working them into American cabinetry." For example, a contemporary American design makes use of wire roll-out baskets and shelves that Europeans like very much.

Find out how to reuse old things to create new decorations in your ... Paint the cabinets, swap them out with hardware, something more sleek, make the colors pop, make it bold. You can go with corian, granite, soap stone, cedar stone, concrete, whatever you want.