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If there were NO BEEPS it means that the CFW WAS NOT DISABLED!!!

Psnpatch uses several complimentary algorithms to improve cfw disabling success rate.

For the best protection, PSNPatch plugin should always be installed. - It Patches new games to run in lower firmware (4.46) systems - both ISO and folder formats; - PSNPatch plug-in for easy usage with COBRA and NON-COBRA cfw including PSN access control; - Firmware version independent; - Includes a lite web MAN plug-in version certified to run with PSNPatch (to allow a easier installation experience for new users): (*) PSNPatch plugin must be installed and running for these options. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE DOCUMENTATION BEFORE USING PSNPATCH. BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT CAN BE DONE WITH PSNPATCH. AVOID PLACING QUESTIONS ALREADY ANSWERED IN THIS FILE. - If the system beeped, it means that the cfw disabling was successful. It should give you an error complaining about cfw syscalls not found and it will display the current idps and psid values (called PSN IDPS and PSN PSID).

PSNPatch plugin can be installed in cobra and non-cobra systems(for non-cobra use the also included plugin handler) by using the "TOOLBOX" available in PSNPatch XMB application. XX firmwares): - Spoofs IDPS (console ID) and PSID - option to auto spoof at boot time (*) - Disables cfw syscalls (emulates official firmware); - Auto-Deletes game and homebrew launch history; - BLOCKS PSN access at boot until cfw syscalls are disabled (*); - BLOCKS Homebrew execution when cfw syscalls are disabled (*) - Installs RAPs and EDATs. - You can also run Multiman, Irismanager or any other syscall-dependent homebrew: they will all complain about an “unsupported” or “unknown” firmware version ;) - Some versions of newer backup managers may not complain about unknown firmware versions but SHOULD NOT be able to mount new games after PSNPatch disables the CFW syscalls.

PSNPATCH will scan locations in the following order: "/dev_usb000/psnpatch.cfg" "/dev_hdd0/game/PSNP11001/USRDIR/psnpatch.cfg" "/dev_hdd0/game/BLJS10018/USRDIR/psnpatch.cfg" Each ID is a hex string with 32 characters representing 16 bytes / 128 bit integer. It cannot be any number: it MUST be a valid IDPS known by the PSN. Press SQUARE if you want just to spoof IDPS and PSID.