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Hi,i have face the same problem wif u , also the same model of phone , my phone cant read my sd card juz before this few days ,all my apps and pic tht install and save in my sd card was lost and uninstalled, may i knw how u face ur phone problem ?? I locked my phone and plugged my phone, trying to let it charge but u know whats weird, you can't see the red light thing when everytime you charge the light goes on.Tried to unlock my phone and my phone would not go on.You can all write a thank you letter to Google for its brilliant android OS. Working fine for 6 months then out of the blue it was no longer reading data from the sd card.

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I installed the trial version, and it just says, "The source location you have specified does not exist" when I select the drive the micro SD card is plugged into.

Should I just cut my losses and call the card dead, or is someone out there aware of some kind of fix? edit: After exploring a few other threads, I realize there's little hope left for the card itself, but is there any way to get the pics off the card before moving on to a new one?

You can all write a thank you letter to Google for its brilliant android OS. I'm not sure if it matters, but I did NOT drop or damage the phone on any way.

4) Once the phone’s on, go to settings storage and scroll down to SD card heading 5) Under SD card heading you should see “Insert SD card” message 6) Now, without turning off your phone, insert your SD card carefully into the phone 7) You should be able to see it now on your phone and on your PC exactly as before with all the files, that you originally had on it 8) Put your phones’ back cover back on and be happy  Why did it happen to you and so many others? BIG THANK YOU TO "I-Know" Have Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime with 64gb ultra sandisk card.

Here is what to do to fix the SD card problem: 1) Turn off your phone and take off its back cover 2) Take out your battery a pull out your SD card 3) Put you battery back into your phone and turn the phone on with your back cover still off and your SD card out of the phone.

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