Updating trainz asset database this may take several minutes

Various improvements to text input in various areas around the game.Fixed issues with vehicle displacement/derailment in relation to new coupling system. Fixed a crash when viewing properties of "TZL Multimesh Blend" asset.Timeout message now shows when a host unexpectedly disconnects in multiplayer.

Internet cafe's or the local library may offer this service for a small fee. Previously Trainz versions operated independently between Steam and Sim C.

We suggest find someone locally willing to download it for you and copy onto a USB drive (it is 8.8GB so might just fit on a 9GB DVD).

It is possible we have sent the email to another email address, or it has been blocked or trapped in your Spam filter.

We have provided an alternative server for Australia and New Zealand users which should provide higher speeds (although the number of users at one time is limited).

What is the difference between Standard and Deluxe Editions? This means there are a number of known issues that we are working on.