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The representation and display of color is at the heart of everything a photographer does, yet the devices we use to capture and view that color are inherently flawed. An 18” circular flapjack is the main light on the left, with a ring flash as an accent light on right.

Monitors have a limited range of what they can display and they operate on a different system of color reproduction entirely from photo printers and offset presses. An Elinchrom ELB 400 strobe using a 30-degree grid lights the blue background. Watching them pop away during a shoot energizes the set and amplifies my creativity. Photographer Vincent La Foret edits at his studio workstation, where he stores his files on RAID drives.

June 10 — August 1, 2003 / September 11 — October 4, 2003 Ubu Gallery presented a selection of photographs and collages by over 30 masters and students of the Bauhaus (Weimar, Dessau, Berlin) and New Bauhaus (Chicago).

From small flashes to high-power strobes and LEDs, there’s a wealth of great options for bringing studio-style lighting to the most remote locations.

Strobes When you think about going on location with strobes, the...

USB-C is sort of a panacea for connectivity, combining standards such as USB 3, Thunderbolt and monitor...

It’s only natural that a camera platform as new as the Sony’s a7 series would be perceived as being a little bit short on lenses.

At a certain point in a photographer’s studio career, they would graduate to medium format work, and their 35mm gear would be relegated to on-location shoots, scouting and travel work.