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Is the combo box "Properties" are the one which is in the after update or the text box "Targeted"?

Is the "Targeted" text box and Combo "Properties" were bound to correct control source? Maybe again you have some idea on what was really wrong on my database... I find it best to change the name of the text box control to NOT match the name of the bound field.e I would recommend using: Text box name- "txt Targeted" Control Source of "Targeted" - "Targeted" The combo box would use the cbo prefix.

When selected, only the "Property List" displays and writes to the table. Combo box name- "Properties" Control Source of Combo box - "Properties" Row Source- SELECT [combo].[ID], combo.[Property], [combo].[Amount] FROM combo ORDER BY [Property]; Bound Column-2 After Update code: Private Sub Properties_After Update() Me. The value from the "Property List" populate the Properties combo and saved on the table but the "Amount" that should populate the "Targeted" is not save on the table.

I would like the "Amount" to populate the next text box ("Targeted') automatically. Where i should bound the control source of "Properties"combo box and "Targeted" text box?

I see that you are using an on_click event in a command button to trigger the task, so I'll work with things from there; however, before we go too much farther how much experience do you have with Access and VB.