Vinyl records dating first editions

It has the celebrated 'ffss' logo in a circle at the 12 o'clock position and a wide silver band just above the spindle hole.

There is also the Decca groove in the label about two thirds out from the centre and around the rim are the words "Original Recording By..." The second label is identical to the first with the exception that the words "Original Recording By..." are replaced with "Made in England By...".

Taking Columbia SAX as an example, the highest known' is SAX 2538, which was issued in April 1964, but SAX 2532 and SAX 2534 were issued 3 months later and SAX 2537 was issued 4 months later.

The earliest Postage Stamp (ER2) is coloured with no white border around the rim. Next, the 4th ASD label (ER3) is distinguished by the fact that the Postage Stamp is black and white, with a white rim around the diameter of the label.

We believe the highest LP code number for this label to be around ASD 3850.

ASD 2478 is the highest record code number that we know of for the red / black semi-circle.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th labels are known as 'Postage Stamp' labels, where the Nipper appears inside the postage stamp at the top of the label.

As far as the mainstream British labels are concerned, there are three Decca SXL labels, three SAX labels, six ASD labels.