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The site has a * Number of visits or page views of this site per million internet user.

For example, a schedule set like this: In 3 months, for one million visitors, 4.6 of them visited Webdating.cc, this figure is up by 30% from the previous week.

The look of the site can be fully customized to your needs, whether it be a minor change or a completely different design. If growth and reliability are an important concern for your dating site, web Date?

Often when I contact a man whose profile I like, he doesn’t even bother to answer.

I try at least to send a short polite “No, thank you.” when someone contacts me and I’m not interested and some men do this too, but more often than not, they just don’t bother to write back.

It is rude–to not respond to an inquiry or the fact someone showed interest in you is very selfish and rude.

If one is listed on such sites to encourage contacts, they should at the very least offer the common courtesy of a response. Many people hide behind these screens because they know you can’t see them and that they are not be held accountable for their actions.

Verify your photos to show you're real and make your profile discreet to keep things private.