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Aniston even recently stated that she and Theroux “already feel married.” Very cute, Jen.Jennifer was previously married to fellow superstar Brad Pitt, but she’s had a few other interesting beaus over the years."I did [once meet Aniston], but it was not a proper meeting.

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As the couple’s messy divorce and custody battle continues to play out in the press, a report claims the celebrity pair spent the holiday apart.

Although rumors swirled prior to the holiday that suggested Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could unite for the sake of their kids, a new report stated that the rumored reunion never happened.

But not a real sit-down-and-talk kind of meeting," Jolie said. I think definitely before my son, I was a little nihilistic.

"That would be her decision [for a long sit-down], and I would welcome it." Jolie said she doesn't plan to marry Pitt, but they're committed to raising their boy and two girls. But once I adopted Mad [Maddox], I knew I was never going to be intentionally self-destructive again." "I'm starting to be able to see being 50 years old with the kids graduating from high school." Vogue's glossy, 14-page spread on Jolie includes several shots by famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

We remained very, very good friends — with this realization - for a long time," she added.