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While they were telling us [one] thing, we were thinking something different. So for me, I wanted to make sure they wanted it and that their hearts were excited for it.

They wanted to see less of Puff and more of us; that's what they were saying.

But we were thinking we needed [more of] Puff because we needed to sell these records. Sometimes artists say, 'I do it for me.' It's great to do it for you but they're the ones who buy and support your records.

They featured along with Lil Wayne while working in a song "Phase", in 2008.

Likewise, Flo Rida also saw them in the video of “Rush Love”.

"We don't have a label of any sort so it makes ['Armor On'] my own baby" Dawn says. 3 on the i Tunes R&B/Soul chart, Dawn took a moment to chat with The Juice about her tumultuous journey.