Who is kristen stewart dating now

Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne are the hottest unconfirmed celesbian couple right now.

Amber and Cara have been friends for years, and there are even rumors that Cara played a part in Amber’s divorce with Johnny Depp.

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Cara talked openly in Vogue about being in love with her girlfriend and accepting her sexuality, and Carrie Brownstein wore this Herstory nipple T-shirt in the season-seven teaser for Portlandia, so it might be unfair to choose just one of these women when, really, they are all equally thriving celesbians.

Is Kristen Stewart's relationship with Alicia Cargile getting serious?

Does it make you question the people reading your Twitter account? I also am very proud of our “Millennial Shane,” Kristen Stewart.

She has come so far over the past few years with her sexuality, from privately hiding her relationships and rarely being photographed with lovers or friends to not seeming to care who sees what.

The anonymous woman behind the account — who also runs a monthly podcast that covers the ins and outs of the hookups of Hollywood’s female A-list — found a lot to investigate, and not just about Kristen Stewart. Vincent, Alicia Cargile, Soko, and now Stella Maxwell, may have been at the epicenter of this year’s dating rumors, but she was hardly the only celeb publicly playing the field. The Chart™ is a reference to the eminent lesbian cult Showtime series The L Word.