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Picking up three years after the events of “Gift,” busy young mogul Jason Stevens (Logan Bartholomew, taking over for Drew Fuller) has hit a rough patch with g.f.

Alexia (Ali Hillis), and only a thorough reading of the journals of his deceased billionaire grandfather, Red (James Garner, onscreen for less than a minute), can set him straight.

mple of this can be found in her work with City Hearts, (cityhearts.org), a non profit that helps the most at-risk children gain purpose and self-esteem through the Arts.

In another interview that you can hear at videosforfamily.com/erinpt1.mp3, Erin Cotrell also shares that she does believe in a higher power, God if you will, for guidance.

Unfortunately, after a strange detour into WWII (and a single battle scene that manages less verisimilitude than anything Max Fischer staged in “Rushmore”), the teens grow up and the focus falls solely on adult Red’s obsessive quest to find his fortune in oil.