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Case in point: the hip-shaking social media GIFs that glorify Bryan’s posterior.

“My wife and I laugh about it, because she always thought I had a flat [rear end] until I started working out,” he says, referring to Caroline, 33, whom he met in college and married in 2006.

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“At school I could moonwalk all the way to the pencil sharpener and back.” He was an average student, more interested in fishing and playing baseball.

But he did have a knack for performing, singing in the choir at the First Baptist Church as well as school productions like . “He could just fill up a room,” recalls Robby Davis, theater director at Lee County High School.

Strolling back to his tour bus, parked in the field next to the family property, he stops under a pecan tree. ” he asks, fumbling with the shell only to find that the insides are rotten.

He chucks it aside, saying matter-of-factly, “Looks like they ain’t doing too good.”The pecans might have seen better days, but right now, Luke Bryan’s world is one bountiful harvest.

The light yellow, two-story home, with swimming pool in back, is a short walk from the processing plant where Bryan spent countless hours as a teen prepping and drying out farm-fresh peanuts.

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    The one thing these games have in common is they’re all simulation games, so you can create your own world and explore it as often as you like!

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    The current method is a "shower door" pixelated filter optionally applied to photos.

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    Not only had they captured five national titles, but they also reached the world podium three times and won an Olympic silver medal, the highest finish ever for a U. Belbin suffered a costly fall in the compulsory round and the duo finished fourth overall.

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    do you want to go out on a date OK, I will go out on a date. i like your dress Thank you, you're a darling.