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Sources say despite the cancellation, the pair of mixed Mater P-kids only get such opportunities because of their complexions.

Here’s the drop according to GJ: “Silk da Shocker, who has kids by Cymphonique’s mother’s sister, is trying hard to get his son in the entertainment industry, but has failed.

Another song, which also includes some deliciously funky dancing, is inspired by his desire to marry and the tradition of having to buy your father-in-law a certain number of cows (OK, so the empathy might dwindle a bit here, but stick with it).

As well as spawning much of the music, Master P manages to somehow combine constant beatboxing with harmonic basslines, punctuated with bass drum and snare sound effects – no mean feat!

Master P‘s financial status has been brought to light as the rapper and his ex-wife are engaged in a heated battle over child support.