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Liotta and Lady Gaga are not a “couple,” “bizarre” or otherwise.

Ray Liotta is best known for his portrayal of American mobster Henry Hill in the 1990 hit movie Goodfellas.

He amicably split from her mother, actress Michelle Grace in 2004 after seven years of marriage.

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He's famed for his intense demeanour and fondness for dark and edgy roles, starring in many smash hit movies over his career.

But the 55-year-old looked a far cry from his former Hollywood heartthrob days when he was pictured on the beach in Maui, Hawaii yesterday.

They married in a Buddhist temple in Thailand, with nine monks chanting and wrapping them in ribbons. 'I just had a period of four months at home because I decided not to do a movie so I could spend more time with her.

As the marriage was not recognised under US law though, they then tied the knot again, this time in Vegas, with Grace being given away by an Elvis impersonator. It was all about taking her to dance classes, playing with her.'But when it comes to romantic relationships Liotta takes a thoroughly philosophical stand.'I had a relationship after I got divorced and it didn't feel as equal as I would have liked,' he says.'I was more vulnerable based on the experience I'd just been through. I've only had one or two dates in the past couple of years.

And, Lady Gaga and Liotta “looked super chummy.” Wow, call a caterer, book a band, and find a priest now!