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On the other hand, I've also been next to Nick Mc Crory and have spoken with Kristian Ipsen, and I'm going to have to hang the G around their neck.

Back in the late 90's USA divers Bryan Gillooly, Brent Roberts and Chris Mantilla..no idea if they were (one could hope) but I'm pretty sure I remember reading that Patrick Jeffery was. This is not quite the right thread but I still thought it might be appreciated.

He has also competed in slopestyle skiing before focusing on backcountry skiing and filmmaking.

Diving always seemed to attract (1) gays or "sexually confused" guys, and for straight guys --(2) wild child drug users - seriously - I think it was a rush for them to throw themselves off of a diving board or platform and flip and twist (sort of like a snowboarding rush); I knew plenty of druggie divers, and (3) smaller athletic guys who didn't make it in other sports and had an "in" into diving - a parent or sibling who dove or simply the school coach recruited them - they probably wouldn't have chosen it simply by themselves.

Gays can obviously fall under categories (2) and (3) as well.

That's like saying she's hanging on to a man in Provincetown - most likely they're just friends. I know this is true because my friend (male)slept with him twice in high school.

Apparently David Boudia and his coach are fundies with the amount of times they want to praise god.

2 years ago French swimmers Fred Bousquet and Florent Manaudou posed as part of series of photos of imaginary gay couples in support of the gay marriage movement in France (or simply against homophobia).

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    Furthermore, the current influenza vaccine is no magic bullet.

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