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Danny is embarrassed to clog dance to impress Charlotte Absent: Carlson Young (Tiffany), Gabriela Rodriguez (Brooke), and Collin Cole (Skipper). Toejam suggests she use Danny as her male model for her new (and very bad) design to get back at Danny for calling him "Small Fry".

Toejam gets more payback by photographing Danny in the ugly costume.

Brooke, Toe Jam, and Skipper imagine if what they would do with a million dollars. Final appearances: Brooke, Toe Jam, Tiffany and Skipper.

Note: Although Lindsey Black as (Lexi), Carlson Young as (Tiffany), Tony Oller as (Danny) are not in this episode, they are featured in Skipper's flashback of all of his costumes.

Then Charlotte, Tiffany and Brooke dress up like bad girls and then they both realize neither of them like bad boys/girls.