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I'm marking as helpful all the answers that involved options that he tried, including this one, so I hope this can be of use to someone else. Did it come back and ask you to enter a password after trying to connect to it. Take a look at how the other computers connect to your wireless network.

I have a WCF service running on the IIS with a Service Host Factory.

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So either login to the router and verify it, or if you can't get into the router because you don't have that password, you need to reset it. I would also suggest that perhaps when the new computers were added the the off-site tech may have flashed the firmware on your router and now some setting in the router setup isn't playing noce with your configuration/or adapter.

There were many changes, nothing I could get specific information on, so I can't write it up and mark this as best answer.

Did the security mode change from WEP to WPA or vice versa ?

Try doing a factory settings reset and reconfigure your network .. can you specify the make and model of your router ?! Perhaps you think you have the right password, but in reality it isn't.

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