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Its the taking Apple to task (often unfairly) or with inane or hyperbolic statements that causes the comments. The fact that they've given up on doing their own OS and have fallen back on using Unix is something I find actually tragic.

Personally, I wish they were back to innovating in the computing field rather than focusing on chic consumer electronics. The reason I've been posting here has been the mind numbing proliferation of fact-free posts (now there's your FOX analogue) bashing Vista and Microsoft.

As we are enter Fiscal Year 2009, we are preparing for an equally exciting year.

Through the magic of Windows Mobile software, services and partner relationships, Microsoft is poised to continue with its impressive growth.

Now, to point out what all of you seem to have missed in your "They're picking on the Jesus Phone" whines... Here a question for your Mike, only talking MS products now, IF Exchange Server did not exist how may WM licenses do you think they would sell? It exists and people love Exchange integration on their Windows Mobile phones. WM is by far a business product and the i Phone is by far a consumer product.