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CEO Stephen Sokols told us that initial users have been using the platform to meet potential traveling or carpooling companions.The site will also allow “Any to Any” meeting sessions, in which there are no restrictions on the sexes of the participants; even before the feature was in, we spotted a few business networking sessions taking place on the alpha version of the site.The service is free and users don’t have to spend a gazillion hours filling out a lengthy profile page or form.

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Also in that episode, Mayer pointed out that "with social online elements, you want to see exponential growth..comprehensiveness.

The more users you have, the better the site is going to get.

One analyst estimated Woo Me's valuation to be $41 million at the time it received funding.

The site previously boasted 10 million users, though some say this number may be inflated.

Now, you could spend $60 a month on e Harmony, getting paired with all the people you wouldn’t date, or spend $0 and post a personal ad on craigslist and get about the same result.

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    Luckily, I’ve managed to get a lot of my friends to become just as obsessed with these shows as I am. Here’s a list of 7 teen British shows that I wish everyone was watching. I've watched this show from its start, back in 2007.

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    Though 90% of the "models" on their broadcasting are gross there are the few that are actually hot and fun to chat with and put on a good show.