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Consiga Khiga - Ceo of Destination Connect (Kenya) Adefunke Adeyemi - IATA representative in Africa Yunus Saliu - Columnist at Daily Observer Newspaper (Gambia) Ali Diouf - of The National Daily of Senegal “Le Soleil” (Senega) Samuel Doe - A Journalist from Ghana Daily Graphics Newspapers (Ghana) Yvette smith Cole - Producer with the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (Sierra Leone) Patricia Ellis - Producer, Explore Zambia TV program on ZNBC (Zambia) Waturi Matu - Business Environment Director at Trade Mark East Africa (Kenya) Olanma Ojukwu - Managing Director, God’s Own Travel Agency (Benin) Amos Wekesa - Founder of Great Lakes Safaris and Uganda Lodges Limited (Uganda) Chiquita Johnson - Hospitality Professional (Liberia) Khomotso Ketsall - (South-Africa) Nancy Sam - President, Tour Operator Union of Ghana (TOUGHA) (Ghana) The Africa Travel and Tourism Conference is to address the challenges and solutions of travel and tourism development in Africa.

With expert speakers and discussants drawn across the globe, delegates, guests and exhibitors will be enriched with vital knowledge and information on the up-to-date changing trends in the practice and operations within the related sectors of the travel and tourism businesses. The Aviation day features workshops and presentations where industry experts discuss the outlook for the Africa region, find out what trends are affecting Africa, the challenges and opportunities in the long-term and learn how to adapt to changing market conditions as well as celebrates Top Brands.

The event is rounded off with Lunch and Musical Performance.

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During Akwaaba 2014, South African Tourism (SAT) used the fair as an avenue to meet with exhibitors, present them with the country's value proposition and sign business deals with the exhibitors.

In 2012, Gambia organized 'Gambia day' at the 2012 Akwaaba African Travel Market, inviting her business partners around the world to Akwaaba event to witness the ' Gambia day'.

Gambia used the Akwaaba African Travel Market platform to showcase Gambia to the world and seeks investments.

Winners are first screened by a panel of experts from across Africa and voting by the general public on .