pooja bedi dating - Xm radio keeps saying updating

xm radio keeps saying updating-82

For more information or questions about this update, contact Sirius customer support at 800-869-5364.

I had the same thing and know one knew what it was..

Reset it and it will be good to go Also you should be able to tune into channel 0 or search for your code by your vin number no shit! I had the same issue with my '08 GSR and all my research pointed me to sirius pushing a firmware update that bricked a lot of units and probably bricked mine. But seriously, I've had this on the back of my mind since I read his suggestion.

But if this will possibly fix it, thanks for the info. Hopefully now, activating it will cure the UPDATING issue. I had attempted repeatedly to activate my radio through calling them and it was always stuck on "updating".

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