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If you upgrade from an earlier release, then you are given the option of using some of the new audit features and the audit functionality from the release from which you upgraded.

Where indicated, a deprecated feature may be desupported in a future major release.

For more information about support considerations, refer to My Oracle Support at Note: There remain a small number of features that do not work with the CDB architecture (see README, section 2.2.1 "Features Restricted or Not Available for a Multitenant Container Database").

Oracle EM Express is installed when you upgrade to Oracle Database 12 active_instance_count background_dump_dest buffer_pool_keep buffer_pool_recycle commit_write cursor_space_for_time fast_start_io_target global_context_pool_size instance_groups lock_name_space log_archive_start max_enabled_roles parallel_automatic_tuning parallel_io_cap_enabled parallel_server parallel_server_instances plsql_v2_compatibility remote_os_authent resource_manager_cpu_allocation sec_case_sensitive_logon serial_reuse sql_trace standby_archive_dest user_dump_dest , which is the last database release that contains the database component Oracle COM Automation. You can migrate your code to the OLE DB data access standard and Active X Data Objects (ADO), or you can migrate your applications to .

Oracle recommends that you migrate your Oracle COM applications to current technology such as the . NET (or Java or another application architecture) and use another driver.

By deprecate, we mean that the feature is no longer being enhanced but is still supported for the full life of the 12.1 release.