Install mediatek mt65xx usb vcom drivers [for windows all]


Download MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers

Despite which manufacturer you bought your phone from, if it utilizes a MediaTek chipset (MT65xx, MT67xx, MT68xx), you will need the following USB drivers to connect your device with a PC. MediaTek preloader drivers will ensure your computer correctly communicates with your Android MTK device.

Here is how to download and install proper drivers for your MTK phone:

Download MediaTek MT65xx Drivers:

File Name:
Size: 401.63 KB
Total Downloads: 1,800,000+
MTK Chipset: MT65xx series / Helio processors
Developer: MediaTek

Download MediaTek MT67xx Drivers:

File Name: MT67xx_USB_VCOM_DRIVERS.rar
Size: 342.53 KB
Total Downloads: 12,000+
MTK Chipset: MT67xx series
Developer: MediaTek

NOTE: You can install the universal MT65xx preloader drivers, or install both to ensure all MediaTek models are supported.

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Standard MTP Device Drivers. Характеристики драйвера

Драйвер для подключения смартфонов к ПК MTP Device Drivers версии 5.2.5326.4762 от 22.02.2006. Предназначен для автоматической установки на Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 и Windows 10 32-64 бита.

Оцените драйвер:

  • Текущий 2.65/5

Рейтинг: 2.7/5 ( Проголосовало: 20 чел.)

Поддерживаемые устройства (ID оборудований):

USB\VID_0bb4&PID_0003 MediaTek Inc. Android USB Ethernet/R NDIS
USB\VID_0bb4&PID_0004 Alcatel Android ADB Interface
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0006 Lenovo USB VCOM (Android)
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0C01 HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.) Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic / Tattoo
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0c02 HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.) Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic / Tattoo (Debug)

HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.) Android Phone

USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0FFF HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.) Android Fastboot Bootloader
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_2008 HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.) Android Phone via MTP
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_200A MediaTek USB VCOM (Android)
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_200C Google Inc. Android ADB Interface ADB Interface
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_200D Alcatel Android ADB Interface
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_200E Lenovo Composite ADB Interface
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_200F Google Inc. Android ADB Interface ADB Interface
USB\VID_0bb4&PID_2010 Lenovo Composite ADB Interface
USB\VID_0bb4&PID_2011 Google Inc. Android Composite ADB Interface
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_2012 MediaTek USB VCOM (Android)
USB\VID_0BB4&PID_2017 Lenovo Composite ADB Interface
USB\VID_0e8d&PID_0003 MediaTek Inc. MT6227 phone
USB\VID_0e8d&PID_0004 MediaTek Inc. MT6227 phone
USB\Vid_0e8d&Pid_2000 MediaTek Inc. MT65xx Preloader
USB\Vid_0e8d&Pid_2001 Lenovo DA USB VCOM (Android), MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port
USB\VID_0e8d&PID_2004 MediaTek USB Ethernet-R NDIS
USB\VID_0e8d&PID_2005 MediaTek Android USB Ethernet/R NDIS
USB\Vid_0e8d&Pid_2007 MediaTek USB VCOM (Android)
USB\VID_17EF&PID_7435 Lenovo A789 (Mass Storage mode, with debug)
USB\VID_17ef&PID_7497 Lenovo A789 (MTP mode)
USB\VID_18D1&PID_0D02 Google Inc. Celkon A88
USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E11 Google Inc. Nexus One
USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E12 Google Inc. Nexus One (debug)
USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E22 Google Inc. Nexus S (debug)
USB\VID_22B8&PID_41DB Motorola PCS Droid/Mile stone (Debug mode)

Let’s Prepare our bricked MediaTek MT65xx device for a new beginning

This procedure apples to your  MT65xx device if:

A. The MT65xx device starts but hangs at manufacturer logo or somewhere else.B. The MT65xx device restarts continuously after a specific number of seconds.C. You want to update the MT65xx device with another firmware, or a specific firmware component like “recovery“.

1. Shut down your MT65xx device and wait until it vibrates and all lights are off. 2. Remove the back cover of the device and take out the battery pack from the device.

If you can not remove the battery from  your device (if it’s a tablet for example) you only need to shut down the device in a normal manner, or, if that’s not possible, do a forced shut down by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds, until all lights are off. (I know that  my own MediaTek 6589 device – Acer Liquid E2 Duo Dual SIM, has a LED indicator near the top, but other devices for which this guide could apply might not have such an indicator).

3. Extract “MT65xx Drivers” folder from the archive.4. Open up the Device Manager window on your Windows PC.5. Connect your device to the PC via the USB cable keeping an eye on the Device Manager window.

6. Right-click the “MT65xx Preloader” from the Device Manager window and click “Update driver software”. Use the second option to manually install the driver by indicating the driver directory.7. Browse to the extracted folder “MT65xx Drivers” and select the folder corresponding to the version of Microsoft Windows that you are running. Click “Next” and the driver should now be installing…

Install MediaTek VCOM Drivers on Windows

Note: If you are on 64-bit Windows or Windows 8 or later versions, you will need to disable digital driver signature enforcement as told in prerequisites below. Or otherwise, Windows XP, Vista (32-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit) users should ignore the prerequisites section and proceed to the steps to install VCOM drivers as there as unsigned drivers installation will be allowed on those PC.

Prerequisites: (Only for Windows 8, Windows 10 or later)

64-bit Windows editions require digitally signed drivers. As many devices ship with unsigned drivers.

Restart computer with Advanced Startup Options

(Windows 8 or later):

  • A simple trick is to Shift+Restart – then wait till the computer restarts with advanced startup options. (Usually you need to go through System settings to advanced startup.
  • Once restarted with Advanced Startup Options, Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart – (your computer will restart again with a list options)
  • Press 7 to initiate a reboot with “Disable driver signature enforcement”.

Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit:

You can normal restart your PC and press F8 on the startup. Then you can choose “disable driver signature enforcement“

Windows will now restart and will allow you to install unsigned drivers. You can now perform following steps without any trouble.

Steps: to install MediaTek VCOM drivers

  1. First of all, download drivers (.zip).
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file in some folder.
  3. You can now do one of the following:
    • From the extracted zip file, you can run InstallDriver.exe with administrative rights (Run as Administrator) to install the drivers automatically.
      • You will be prompted with a security warning to install unsigned drivers; You must accept that and continue with installation by clicking Install Anyway. Otherwise the drivers won’t install.
      • After using this step to install driver automatically, you don’t need to continue with following steps as the drivers have been installed.
    • OR the recommended way to continue with the following steps to install drivers manually via device manager.
  4. Open Device Manager – you can open device manager by many ways; one is to Right-click my computer > properties > device manager.
  5. While in Device Manager, right-click on the top node (PC name) and choose Add legacy hardware
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to “install the hardware that I manually select from a list“. Then choose “Show All Devices” and then “Have Disk“
  7. Now in Have Disk, browse to the folder (you have extracted in 2nd step above) and open the folder according to your Windows version.
    • 2K_XP_COM – for Windows XP and earlier versions
    • Vista – for Windows Vista
    • Win7 – for Windows 7 and later inc. 8 and 10
  8. Once in a folder, click Open again to select the folder.
  9. A list of drivers will be provided to install, Just click Next > on the wizard to install drivers. You will be prompted with a security warning to install unsigned drivers; You must accept that and continue with installation by clicking Install Anyway. Otherwise the drivers won’t install.
  10. That’s it. MediaTek drivers have been installed. You may need to restart the computer.

You can comment below and ask about any trouble.

Прошивка китайских Android смартфонов

Для того чтобы вам было легко понять как прошивать Android с помощью SP Flash Tool, мы разбили статью на несколько частей!

Часть 1: Установка прошивки — подготовка

  1. Распакуйте в корне диска С: программу SP Flash Tool
  2. Распакуйте в корне диска С: прошивку для смартфона

переместите папки с прошивкой на диск C:

Запустите программу SP Flash Tool нажав на flash_tool.exe

В программе в поле Scatter-Loading File нажмите на кнопку choose и перейдите в папку с распакованной прошивкой и выбрать файл SCATER Программу не закрываем переходим к установке драйверов

Часть 2: Установка драйвера

После того как вы скачали драйвера MTK для SP Flash Tool, разархивируйте их и разместите на рабочем столе или на диске C:. Установка драйвера производиться, только один раз.

  1. Откройте «Проводник» -> перейти в «Компьютер» -> на пустом месте правый клик мыши и выбрать «Свойства« в боковом меню выбрать «Диспетчер устройств» (если не понятно смотрите видео)
  2. Отключите от компьютера (если было подключено) и выключите устройство Andro /> и внимательно смотрите в «Диспетчере устройств» когда появиться «Неизвестное устройство» или «MTK Preloader» и быстро выберите его

После чего у вас должна произойти установка драйвера, если этого не произошло, тогда попробуйте отключить цифровую подпись Windows.

P.S. : Если у вас ничего не получается, тогда попробуйте другой USB кабель или установить драйвера MTK для SP Flash Tool на другом компьютере.

Часть 3: Установка прошивки

  1. Возвращаемся к программе SP Flash Tool
  1. Почти все готово к прошивке, осталось пару деталей: если вы хотите прошить только определенные части прошивки, то снимите галочки с не нужных разделов
  2. Некоторые устройства шьются без аккумулятора, другие наоборот, нужно установить батарею после тог как установили драйвер
  3. Если вы прошиваете только несколько частей прошивки, то выбирайте режим «Download» или «Download Only»
  4. Если понижаете прошивку или у вас «кирпич», то Format All + Download
  5. Установка новых прошивок и перепрошивка Firmware->Upgrade

Чтобы установить прошивку, нажмите на кнопку Download

Tutorial de instalación de los drivers de Mediatek

Antes de comenzar es importante aclarar que este es un proceso que requiere de cierta paciencia. Toma un vaso de tu bebida favorita y prepárate para pasar un rato entretenido delante del ordenador.

El tutorial está orientado a los drivers de Mediatek, pero lo cierto es que podemos aplicar este mismo procedimiento para la instalación manual de cualquier otro tipo de drivers de dispositivos en nuestro PC.

Paso #1: Borra todos los drivers anteriores

Lo primero es asegurarse que no creamos ningún tipo de conflicto con los drivers que vamos a instalar. Para ello comprobaremos que no tenemos ningún otro driver de Mediatek instalado en el PC:

  • Descarga la aplicación USBDeview y ejecútala. Este programa muestra un listado de todos los drivers instalados en el equipo, y permite desinstalarlos uno por uno.
  • Si encontramos algún driver relacionado con Mediatek, desinstálalo haciendo clic con el botón derecho y seleccionando “Uninstall selected devices”.
  • Reinicia el equipo.

Paso #2: Instala los drivers preloader MTxxxx

Ahora ya nos metemos en harina directamente. Descomprimimos los drivers que hemos descargado más arriba (MT65xx o MT67xx dependiendo de nuestro terminal) y ejecutamos “InstallDriver.exe” como administrador.

A continuación, abrimos el administrador de dispositivos de Windows, hacemos clic sobre el nombre del PC (el objeto del que cuelgan todos los dispositivos, adaptadores de pantalla, de red, etc.) y vamos a “Acción -> Agregar hardware heredado”.

  • Pulsamos en “Siguiente” e “Instalar el hardware seleccionado manualmente de una lista (avanzado)”.
  • Dejamos marcado “Mostrar todos los dispositivos” y seleccionamos “Siguiente”.
  • Vamos a “Usar disco” y “Examinar”.
  • Busca la carpeta de los drivers y localiza los archivos inf y usb2ser_Win764.inf. Si tienes un equipo con Windows 7 superior, se encuentran en la carpeta Win7.
  • Si tu equipo es de 32 bits selecciona el archivo inf. Si es de 64, entonces usb2ser_Win764.inf.
  • En la siguiente ventana selecciona “Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port” y “Siguiente”.

Si todo ha ido OK, nos aparecerá un mensaje indicando que este hardware se instaló correctamente.

A la hora de instalar el driver obtendremos un error de código 10. Es un error normal, ya que el certificado no está firmado digitalmente.

Llegados a este punto, ya tendríamos los drivers instalados, y podríamos comenzar a flashear el terminal con SP Flash Tool y nuestra ROM favorita, instalar un custom recovery etc.

Paso #3: ¿SP Flash Tool sigue sin detectar el dispositivo?

Si el sistema todavía no detecta el terminal instalaremos también los drivers “MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port”. En principio con tener el “Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port” debería ser suficiente, pero se dan casos en los que se requiere instalar más drivers. Podemos ir añadiéndolos uno a uno, hasta instalar todos los que están disponibles, si es necesario.

Es un proceso que dependiendo de toda la morralla que tengamos instalada en el PC nos va a costar más o menos llevar a cabo, pero sin duda, se puede conseguir.

Un último consejo

Si no conseguís ver la luz al final del túnel y el ordenador no detecta el dispositivo de ninguna de las maneras, una buena acción a llevar a cabo es la siguiente:

  • Entra en el panel de configuración de usuarios de Windows y crea un nuevo usuario con permisos de administrador.
  • Cierra tu sesión actual e inicia sesión con el nuevo usuario que acabas de dar de alta.

De esta manera, tendrás una sesión limpia, sin archivos temporales o posibles errores generados por ficheros o configuraciones residuales. A continuación, repite el proceso de instalación desde el principio.

How to Install MediaTek MT65xx / MT67xx Preloader USB VCOM Drivers

The steps below can be applied to any PC running Windows XP, Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and up. However, for Windows 8 and newer, you need to disable Driver Signature Verification. There are plenty of guides online showing you how to disable digital Driver Signature Verification so you can use them before you proceed to install this driver package.

NOTE: At this point, you should have already disabled digital Driver Signature Verification if you are running Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7 or anything newer.

Step 1 – Download MediaTek USB VCOM drivers from the links above (and below) and extract them.

Step 2 – You need to access Device Manager. Do so by right-clicking on My Computer and clicking on “Manage”. In the new window that pops up, select “Device Manager” from the menu shown on the left.

Step 3 – The computer you are using will be shown at the top with it’s name. Right-click on the name and select Add Legacy Hardware.

Step 4 – A new wizard will pop up. Just click on Next.

Step 5 – From the following menu choose the second option shown in the screenshot below and click Next.

Step 6 – You will be shown a long list in the following screen. Just select Show All Devices and click Next.

Step 7 – Click on Have Disk in the following window and select any .inf file you extracted in Step 1.

Step 8 – Once selected, click on Next. There will be a security warning on which you can select Install Anyway.

Step 9 – Restart your PC and connect your Mediatek MT65xx or MT67xx device.

That’s all to it! After you install correct USB drivers for your MediaTek device, you can use different tools to flash different files and also stop worrying about failed data transfers.

MediaTek Processors / Model Numbers:

MediaTek is a company that focuses on chip-design and processors. It produces a large lineup of processor models which range in core count, performance and features. As each phone manufacturer that integrates MediaTek processors utilizes different RAM capacities, users are prone to experience varying performance levels on the same MediaTek MT65xx, MT67xx or MT68xx chipset.

MediaTek processors follow a standard versioning scheme. As the model numbers increase, performance, core-count and overall features also increase Here are some MediaTek model numbers that you should be aware of:

MT65 Series (MT65xx)

MediaTek’s MT65 series of processors start with model number MT6516 and go up-to MT6595. This lineup consists of Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Hexa-Core, Octa-core and Deca-Core processors. The underlying architecture for all these processors is ARMv7.

MT67 Series (MT67xx / Helio)

MT67 processors from MediaTek are based on ARMv8 architecture. Starting from base MT6735 model number that is quad-core, the models go up-to MT6797 which feature 10 cores (Deca-Core).

Also, MediaTek announced Helio name to the processors within the MT67 series so some processors go by different Helio names as well such as Helio X20. The most common chipsets are: Helio P70, Helio P90 etc.

MT68 5G Series (MT68xx / Dimensity)

MediaTek’s 5G capable chipsets go by MT68 model numbers. Further, this time round, MediaTek has named these chipsets as Dimensity. At the time of writing, there are three main processors, Dimensity 1000, Dimensity 1000L and Dimensity 800. All three come with 5G capabilities.

Download MediaTek MT65xx USB VCOM Drivers

You can download MediaTek USB Drivers for MT65xx MediaTek Chipset smartphones from below.

How to install MediaTek MT65xx USB VCOM Drivers on Windows 10/8/7/XP

Before proceeding with the installation steps, if you are running Windows 8 or higher, you may need to disable Driver Signature Verification on your PC. Watch the below video and follow the steps accordingly.

Once you have the Driver Signature Verification disabled, you can follow the below instructions carefully.

  1. Download and extract the MediaTek USB Drivers from the above downloads section to your PC.
  2. Open Device Manager on your PC. Right-click on «My Computer» or «This PC» and select «Manage» Press Windows Key + R and type «devmgmt.msc» and click on «OK».
  3. The device manager window should open. Right-click on your computer’s name and select «Add Legacy Hardware».
  4. A new wizard window will pop up. Click Next.
  5. In the next screen, select «Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)» and click Next.
  6. Now select «Show All Devices» and click Next.
  7. Now click on «Have Disk…» button and then on «Browse».
  8. Navigate to the MediaTek MT65xx USB VCOM Drivers folder, which you have extracted in Step 1 and select the «.inf» file according to your OS and system type.
  9. Once selected, click Next. If there is a security warning, simply click on «Install Anyway».
  10. Once the installation completes, restart your PC.

That’s it now the MT65xx Preloader Driver is successfully installed on Windows PC. Launch SP Flash Tool and start flashing firmware, Custom ROM, and other mods on your device.


Before flashing firmware, custom ROM or other mods, make sure to take a backup of your device.

If IMEI number gets corrupted in the process of flashing firmware, use SN Write Tool to fix Null IMEI on your device.

How to Install MT65xx Preloader Drivers

  1. Download the from the Link.
  2. Extract the download zip file and open the folder.
  3. Double click on InstallDriver.exe to run the installer.
  4. Wait for few seconds and it will give the success message.
  5. That’s it the MT65xx Preloader Drivers are now installed on your Windows PC.

The steps will be the same for all the version of Windows (Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10). And after installation, a restart is not required but I will recommend for a restart. Remember that this driver is only for MediaTek phones not Snapdragon, Exynos, or Kirin.

Now you can use the driver to connect smartphones based on MediaTek MT65xx chipset. Download SP Flash Tool on your windows and flash firmware, custom recovery, custom ROM or other zip files on your phone. If you have any question regarding flashing, drivers, tools, root then you can ask in the comment section. You can also use Facebook to ask questions, we will reply in a moment of time.

Related Drivers & Tools:

  • Download All MTK USB Drivers for Windows
  • Download MTK FRP Tool
  • MTP USB Device Driver for Windows
  • Download Google USB Driver for Windows

What if our MT65xx device has got the wrong preloader? Here we go…

This procedure apples to your MT65xx device if:

A. The MT65xx device is not starting at all.B. The MT65xx device is starting/restarting (vibrates) but the screen remains black.C. The SP Flash Tool reports an error that prevents the successful download of the firmware files to your MT65xx device because your “PRELOADER” firmware component that you are trying to download is bad or corrupt.

SP Flash Tool Error: BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032)

A, B and C are cases in which most likely you previously downloaded a bad or corrupt “PRELOADER” firmware component to your MT65xx device via SP Flash Tool. To get the right idea you might want to read below:

This low-layer interface is there to save the device no-matter how worst it got bricked. You only need the right driver to start the recovery process of the Flash Memory. The proper driver for this low-layer download interface is also located in “MT65xx Drivers” folder. The MT65xx device will keep the low-layer download interface alive for about one minute. During this time you need to update or install the driver.

In this case, initially, the PC could show an “Unknown Device” in Device Manager window, then it might automatically install a driver from Windows Update, most likely THE WRONG DRIVER. If this is the case, you must then manually force-update the driver for the low-layer download interface of the MT65xx device.

But if the bad has happened I had to right-click the suspicious device, select “Update driver software“, then browse the extracted “MT65xx Drivers” folder. In my case, in which a wrong driver was already installed for the low-layer download interface of my MT65xx device, I had to select the second option, to manually browse for the driver (Select it from a list from my computer) so that I can force-replace the wrong driver found automatically by Windows Update. So you must do if this is the case. Also you might select “Show all devices” from the device type selection window.

I clicked “Have Disk…” and browse to the “MT65xx Drivers” folder where I opened the one corresponding to my operating system, selected MDMCPQ.INF and hit “Open” then “OK“. In the window “MTK USB Port” was now shown as being installed, which is the correct low-layer download interface driver that I wanted to have.

The point is that, when you connect the device with no battery inside or turned off and the blue light comes on, in the Device Manager Window you must have one of this two devices showing up under “Ports (COM & LPT)“:

1. The low-layer download interface – driver name: MTK USB Port (COMx)2. The MediaTek PreLoader download interface – driver name: MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COMx)

If you have that, you might proceed downloading the correct  firmware on your MT65xx device unsing SP Flash Tool. When you recover your MT65xx device from the state in which it has the wrong preloader, you must have both drivers mentioned above ready to establish the download link with your MT65xx device. You can look at the guide at the top side of this article to see how the MT65xx device behaves when it has the correct preloader.

Ручная установка драйвера MTK Preloader (Способ 2)

  1. Скачайте и разархивируйте драйвера конкретно для вашей модели телефона. Можно попробовать универсальные —
  2. Для Windows 8 и Windows 10 — перед тем, как выполнять эту инструкцию, обязательно нужно отключить проверку цифровых подписей драйверов.

  3. Откройте Диспетчер устройств.
    • Для Windows 10: правой кнопкой мыши кликните по значку Пуск, найдите и запустите Диспетчер устройств.
    • Для Windows 7 и 8 Нажать комбинацию клавиш Win+R, затем ввести devmgmt.msc и нажать Ок.
  4. В диспетчере устройств установите курсор на любом пункте из списка, затем нажмите Действие > Установить старое устройство.
  5. Нажмите Далее и выберите пункт «Установка оборудования, выбранного из списка вручную«. Нажмите Далее.
  6. Выберите пункт «Показать все устройства«, нажмите Далее.
  7. Кликните на кнопку «Установить с диска«.
  8. Нажмите Обзор, найдите разархивированную папку с драйвером и выберите файл драйвера в зависимости от разрядности вашей операционной системы (x64, либо x32 — она же x86). Например, универсальный драйвер для Windows 10 64x — «Windows 10 x64 MTK USB Drivers«.
  9. Нажмите Ок.
  10. Выберите «MediaTek Preloader  USB VCOM Port» из списка. Нажмите Далее несколько раз.
  11. В процессе установки драйвера нажмите «Всё равно установить этот драйвер«. В конце нажмите Готово.
  12. В окне диспетчера устройств появится новое устройство со знаком восклицания. Кликните правой кнопкой мыши по нему и нажмите «Удалить устройство«.
  13. Убедитесь, что галка «Удалить программы драйверов этого устройства» НЕ АКТИВИРОВАНА. Нажмите Удалить.
  14. Всё, установка драйвера выполнена. Теперь можно работать с программой SP Flashtool и подключать смартфон к компьютеру.

MT65xx Preloader Drivers Features

  • Unbrick MediaTek Phones: It helps to unbrick bricked devices (device is in bootloop) by connecting the device to the PC and thus recognizing the device to flashing tools.
  • Unlock Bootloader: Preloader drivers also plays an important role in unlocking bootloader using a tool.
  • Flash Firmware: It also helps to flash firmware on MediaTek phones, even on the dead state.
  • Backup Firmware: Using the driver users can take a backup of a present firmware on MediaTek phones.

So now you have an idea about what is the use of MT65xx Preloader Driver and why you need it. And now you can download the Drivers from the download section below.

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