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Как работает WeTransfer?

WeTransfer — это общий доступ к файлам. Он работает так, как если бы ваша учетная запись электронной почты поддерживала эти большие размеры файлов — вы вводите свой адрес электронной почты и адрес электронной почты получателя, добавляете сообщение, присоединяете файл и отправляете. Вот и все. Для основной (и бесплатной) службы WeTransfer вам не нужно настраивать учетную запись. Вы можете передавать файлы размером до 2 ГБ, что должно быть достаточным объемом для отправки кучи фотографий с высоким разрешением, нескольких видео с приличным размером, практически ни о чем. Получатель получает электронное письмо со ссылкой для скачивания файла, и — voila! — вы только что отправили огромный файл, который иначе бы подавил вашего поставщика услуг электронной почты.

WeTransfer утверждает, что его служба безопасна, а это означает, что только вы и ваш получатель имеете доступ к файлам, которые вы передаете. И нет оснований сомневаться в их слове. Однако, как и с любыми облачными службами хранения, будьте осторожны в том, что вы отправляете. В прошлом были взломаны несколько облачных сервисов хранения. К счастью, WeTransfer хранит ваши файлы на своих серверах всего семь дней, поэтому окно возможности взломать ваши файлы ограничено.

Why do we use your personal information?

We use your personal information in order to provide and improve our Services, to comply with legal obligations and to advertise our Services and to keep our Services safe and secure. Please find below how we use your personal information specifically and on what legal grounds we base the use of your personal information.

Activities & purposes

  1. Service: the most important reason for using your personal information is, of course, to offer you our Services as mentioned in our Terms of Service, for example to create or visualize your Content or share your ideas and to let you access and use your Content across different devices.
  2. Support: we provide a wide range of support services to help you out whenever you’re in need, for instance when you need technical assistance. If it’s needed to offer support, the Support-team can, on your request, access your Content in order to help you out.
  3. Account & billing: creating and upholding your personal account for example to facilitate your address book and to enable you to access your Content across different devices, facilitating payment of your subscription fee and perform accounting, auditing & billing activities.
  4. Safety, integrity & security: WeTransfer follows up on abuse reports, NTD/DMCA reports, fraud investigations and could investigate your compliance with our of our Terms of Services and/or API Terms of Use. Furthermore, we detect & block Child Sexual Abuse Imagery (CSAI). Detection of CSAI leads to automated decisions whether such Content is potential CSAI. Cases of potential CSAI will be reported directly to law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, we protect ourselves against fraud and other illegal activities. In all these cases we withhold the right to preserve your Content and share it, together with other identifying information, with law enforcement agencies. Finally, we could use your personal information for internal control to safeguard our and your safety, integrity and security. For instance, in case of any suspicion of violations of our Terms of Services or the API Terms of Use.
  5. Improvement & development: we evaluate the use of our Services to improve our Services, fix bugs, develop new products and services. We do this either by market research (for instance by sending out surveys) or by performing analyses (for example by tracking and bringing together your personal information across our Services or across your mobile devices). We do this in order to understand how our user base as a whole interacts with our Services, but also to review the effect of our advertisements and to improve those Services and advertisements accordingly.
  6. Marketing, advertisement & communication: we use your personal information for marketing and (interest based) advertising for instance by using SDKs or cookies, as well as communication. Think updates on new Services, but also personalised advertisements of WeTransfer or our partners, which we can serve on our or third party websites. In order to find the right audience for these advertisements we will look at certain segments of people. For instance, people who use similar Services as ours, people who share the same characteristics as our current users or people within a certain geo-location, such as the Amsterdam area. In order to connect with our target audience, we might use sequential messaging, which is basically a form of storytelling: each time you interact with our Services on a different device, you may receive a slightly different ad in a different form, but the ads are part of the same story. Moreover, based on the way you interact with our Services through your devices, we might promote one of our (other) Services or features. Finally, we enable you to engage in any (personalised) actions, promotions or events we offer.
  7. Legal: in so far as necessary, we might use your personal information to defend WeTransfer in legal proceedings in relation to or as a result of your use of our Services, following a court order, abiding by any law, regulation or governmental request, cooperating with law enforcement, cooperating in fraud investigations of third parties, safeguarding national security, defense, public security, and to uphold our Terms of Services.

What information do we collect?

We store some personal information to make your use of our Services possible. There are several ways in which we may collect personal information from you: you may submit it or we will collect it automatically through our Services. Different types of personal information may be collected depending on the way you use our Services and which Services you use. Please check the section “What are your rights as a user” to find out how you can change, access or delete your personal information.

Personal information you submit

WeTransfer collects, processes or hosts personal information you provide.

  1. Contact information: your name and your email address or the email address of the recipient(s).
  2. Information about yourself: age, gender, city.
  3. Preferences: for example language settings or interests.
  4. Content and metadata: you may choose to upload or create Content which contains all sorts of personal information about you and others. Such Content also contains a filename, size and filetype.
  5. Personal messages: the ones you send to people along with sharing your files.

Personal information we collect by automated means

WeTransfer also collects and uses personal information by automated means while you use our Services.

  1. Browser information: type of browser, language settings, country and timezone.
  2. Cookie or web beacon information: cookie IDs and settings and other personal information received through cookies, web beacons or pixel tags. Learn more about under section “Why and how are cookies used”.
  3. Device information: the type of device, hardware model and operating system.
  4. Identification details: unique identifiers such as an IDFA (for iOS), MAC address or a UserID.
  5. Network information: IP-addresses and mobile network information.
  6. Location data: data on your geo-location. If we use your device based, precise GPS-location, we will make sure we only do so after receiving your consent.
  7. Service usage: information regarding the way you interact with our Services, websites and mobile apps.

What parties do we share personal information with?

WeTransfer has several partners to operate and improve its Services. Furthermore, we may share or allow you to share your information as part of some of the Services.

  1. Service providers: such as our hosting provider, user support provider, IT & software providers, our payment processors, email processors and the accountant.
  2. People and (social) media of your choice: you may choose to share your Content with others, such as teammates, within our Services or on (social) media like Twitter.
  3. Law enforcement agencies or regulators: we are obliged to share your personal information in case of a legal request. In case we run across CSAI or when we’re notified on other illegal Content we’ll also share your personal information with law enforcement agencies.
  4. Business partners: we collaborate with advertising partners, marketing and communication agencies. We do this for (interest based) advertising, branding and reaching out to you. Our advertising partners implement their own tracking cookies which fall under their terms of services and privacy & cookie statement. Please find a list of all third party cookies and their privacy policies here.
  5. Integrated services: if you decide to integrate (one of) our Services with another service (such as Slack or your social media account) we will connect that service with ours. In order to provide such service, we will need to share some of your personal information with that service. The terms and privacy & cookie statement of these third parties applies, at least for their part of the connection.
  6. WeTransfer entities: we share personal information between entities which are part of the WeTransfer group in order to provide our Services and for all purposes mentioned under “Why do we use your personal information?”.

We’re a global business, which means we might share or store personal information in countries outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Those countries have different data protection laws in place. However, when we transfer- and host data globally, we will make sure that appropriate safeguards are in place in order to ensure your personal information enjoys a similar level of protection as it would within the EEA. For example, we will verify that the receiving partner is certified under EU-US Privacy Shield or we will sign EU Standard Contractual Clauses.

EU-US Privacy Shield

Our subsidiary in the United States, WeTransfer Corp, complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the use and retention of personal information transferred from the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom to the United States.

WeTransfer Corp adheres to the EU-US Privacy Shield principles and is subject to oversight by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. If you have any complaints regarding the transfer of your personal information to the US, please first file them directly at us via The panel of EU Data Protection Authorities (DPA Panel) acts as the independent recourse mechanism for complaints regarding EU-US Privacy Shield complaints. The examination of such complaints is free of charge to you. You can find the contact information of your local DPA here. In case your concern still isn’t addressed by the DPA Panel, you may be entitled to invoke binding arbitration under the EU-US Privacy Shield Principles, find out more here.

As explained under section «What parties do we share personal information with», we sometimes provide personal information with third parties to perform services on our behalf. If we transfer personal information received under the Privacy Shield to a third party, the third party’s use of the personal data must also comply with our Privacy Shield obligations. In such a case we will remain liable under Privacy Shield for any failure to comply by the third party, unless we prove we’re not responsible for the event giving rise to the damage.

Why and how are cookies used?

We place cookies with the intention of making WeTransfer even better. We work hard to make our Services safe, beautiful and unobtrusive. Feel free to block cookies, but this may affect how well our Services work.

We place several cookies (or similar technologies, like pixels or web beacons) on your device for the purpose of facilitating your use of the Service and to find out how the Service may be improved. We or our advertising partners also place cookies on our website(s). Being a global service, these partners can vary per country. When our advertising partners place cookies, these cookies can process personal information to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser when you visit a website. Examples of cookie purposes are: your language preferences, logging into an account, remembering login details, serving you personalised advertisements and acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy & Cookie Statement. Our website can place these cookies for the following purposes:

  1. Functional cookies are used to provide functionalities when using our Service, such as the possibility to set preferences or to remember your previous settings.
  2. Analytical cookies are used to optimise our Service. For example to optimise the usability of our website by AB-testing a new feature, to make the website more user-friendly and to analyse how you use our Service. We also use analytical cookies to stop bots and malicious behaviour like spam. When we use analytical cookies, this could include third party cookies, as found in the cookie list. These third party analytical cookies process personal information, which is detailed in the cookie list too.
  3. Advertisement cookies are used for commercial, editorial and promotional purposes. With these cookies your internet- and surf behaviour can be followed over various domains and websites. WeTransfer only checks the (one) website you visited prior to your visit to one of our websites. We do not track the website you visit after you leave our website. Advertisement cookies are often also placed by third parties to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and to follow your internet- and surf behaviour over other domains and websites where they have placed a cookie. WeTransfer does not have access to or control over personal information collected via these cookies or other features that advertisers and third parties may use. Our Privacy & Cookie Statement is therefore not applicable to these third party cookies and we refer you to third parties’ Privacy Statements to read how they handle personal information. You can find a list of the limited amount of third party cookies and a link to their privacy policies here.
  4. Pixel tags or web beacons are a piece of code embedded on the website that collects personal information about users’ engagement on that web page. The use of a pixel allows us to record, for example, that a user has visited a particular web page or clicked on a particular advertisement. The pixel also allows us to see from which previous website or channel a user arrived at our website.

How safe is it to use our Services?

WeTransfer takes technical and organisational measures to protect your personal information against loss or other forms of unlawful processing.

We make sure that personal information is only accessible by those who need access to do their job and that they are properly authorised. That means we keep logs of who has access to personal information, we limit the amount of people that have access and we make sure that personal information can only be read, copied, modified or removed by properly authorised staff. We monitor internal activity to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information.

WeTransfer staff is required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the company’s guidelines regarding confidentiality, ethics, and appropriate usage of personal information. Staff is required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Беспроблемный способ обмена фотографиями и видео

WeTransfer — это приложение, которое позволяет отправлять до 10GB фотографий и видео друзьям по электронной почте.

Как работает WeTransfer?

Идея заключается в том, что вы выбираете изображения и видеофайлы, которые вы хотите отправить, и введите адрес электронной почты тех, кому вы хотите их отправить.

Затем WeTransfer отправляет получателю письмо со ссылкой на адрес, куда были загружены файлы. Затем они нажимают эту ссылку для загрузки изображений или видео на свой компьютер или смартфон.

Это более быстрая альтернатива загрузке в общую папку на Dropbox или Google Диске, а затем совместное использование ссылки с кем-то, и, очевидно, это гораздо более практично, чем обмен изображениями по отдельности или небольшими группами по электронной почте.

Приложение поддерживает до 10 ГБ на передачу, но если вы подписываетесь на услугу WeTransfer Plus, вы получаете дополнительное хранилище, а также другие преимущества, такие как возможность вести запись о сделанных вами переводах.

Отправка файлов никогда не была настолько элегантной

Передача файлов с помощью WeTransfer упрощается благодаря ультра минималистическому пользовательскому интерфейсу. Видео и изображения на вашем рулоне камеры отображаются в виде миниатюр, и вы просто выбираете те, которые хотите отправить, нажав на них. Вы можете предварительно просмотреть изображение или начать воспроизведение видео, просто нажав на миниатюру. Изображения сгруппированы по месяцам, и вы можете прокручивать предыдущие месяцы, нажав имя месяца.

WeTransfer, вероятно, самый красивый способ отправить файлы кому-то. Как и онлайн-версия, приложение использует великолепные фотографии в своем пользовательском интерфейсе, отображая их как изображения обоев, пока вы ждете, когда ваши файлы будут загружены и перенесены.

Это привлекательная система, предоставленная, но приложение иногда слишком упрощенно. Это не облегчает выбор нескольких изображений для отправки, так как вы должны нажимать каждый отдельно пальцем. Было бы неплохо иметь возможность удерживать и перетаскивать жест, чтобы выбрать несколько изображений.

Аналогично, нет опций «Выбрать / Отменить выбор» и не выбрать все изображения за определенный месяц.

Идеально подходит для отправки больших файлов

Если вы хотите отправить несколько файлов или больших файлов кому-то с вашего Android, WeTransfer идеален. Он поддерживает до 10 ГБ фотографий и видео — и он выглядит великолепно!

Что вы получаете с WeTransfer Plus?

Основной WeTransfer дает вам простой перенос файлов. Но если вам нужно передать файлы размером более 2 ГБ или вам необходимо защитить паролем свои файлы, вы можете проверить WeTransfer Plus. Обновление до Плюс стоит 10 долларов США в месяц (но вы платите за весь год). Вот то, что получает вам $ 120 в год:

  • Увеличенные размеры передачи: Вы можете одновременно передавать до 10 ГБ файлов. Это достаточная емкость для большого видео высокой четкости.

  • Долгосрочное время хранения: Файлы, которые вы передаете, остаются на серверах WeTransfer до тех пор, пока вы хотите. Однако у вас есть только 50 ГБ пространства для хранения, которое может быстро развиваться, если вы переносите очень большие файлы. Кроме того, файлы времени по умолчанию остаются в режиме онлайн — четыре недели; вы должны вручную изменить срок годности для более длительного хранения.

  • Защита паролем: Вы можете установить пароли для загрузки файлов, которые вы отправляете кому-либо. Таким образом, если кто-то еще завладеет электронной почтой получателя с ссылкой на скачивание в нем, этот человек не может загрузить файл, если он или она не знает пароль.Подсказка: не отправляйте пароль по электронной почте с помощью ссылки для скачивания!

  • Дополнительная персонализация: Вы можете настроить электронную почту, отправленную получателю, а также персонализированный URL-адрес WeTransfer (например, myname. Wetransfer. Com). Вы также можете настроить фон, который отображается на вашем личном сайте WeTransfer. Пользователи, загружающие файлы у вас или используя ваш URL для отправки своих файлов, будут видеть ваши собственные фоны, что является хорошей возможностью для продвижения чего-то к ним.

What are your rights as a user?

If you need more info on your personal information, please let us know. We may ask for proof of identity. If you change your mind and no longer want us to process your personal information, let us know.

You can ask WeTransfer to:

  1. access, receive a copy of or correct your personal information;
  2. in certain cases, erase your personal information or block or restrict our use of it;
  3. in certain cases, send your personal information to other third parties.

Right to object

You have a right to object to our use of your personal information, for instance when the legal base for processing is based on one of our legitimate interests (see subsection “Legal grounds”). If you inform us that you do not longer wish us to process your personal information or to be approached, WeTransfer will move your personal information to a separate file. Your personal information will no longer be used for the above mentioned purposes, unless our legitimate interest, for example safety & security, outweighs your right to objection. You can request this via Please state clearly that your request concerns a privacy matter and more specifically that you exercise your right to object.

If you think we have infringed your privacy rights, you can lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. You can lodge your complaint in particular in the country where you live, your place of work or place where you believe we infringed your right(s).

Withdrawal of consent

When you’ve provided your consent for us to process your personal information, you can withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing activities based on consent before its withdrawal. If you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process the personal information which we’ve received based on your consent.

What retention procedures are in place?

The retention period for your personal information depends on which Service you use and it depends on which category of personal information we’re talking about. Always check out the website(s) or app(s) of the Service(s) for the specific information on retention periods.

Personal information

WeTransfer retains your personal information as long as its necessary to provide our Services to you (e.g. upholding your user account), to conduct our business activities and fulfill our legitimate interests, such as providing safe and secure services, to fix bugs and to reach out to you, to comply with applicable laws (e.g. retaining financial information for 7 years for tax purposes) and legal requests and to resolve (legal) disputes.

Files you transfer

Content you create, use, store or share through the Services other than file sharing

С этим читают